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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  August 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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brown has finally come out of the house, ending an hours-long standoff that began with a woman calling for help. brown posted to social media saying he's innocent and officers won't find anything. jc: plymouth police are looking for the man who broke into two home, naked from the waist down. he broke into two homes along white horse beach. one victim says intruder went all throughout the house even walked into childrens' rooms upstairs. nobody was hurt. ed: osha is now investigating how the truck tipped on a rhode island dangling in a bucket, 100 feet above the sakonnet river. they were later rescued by another truck. jc: harvey is watching the tropics, and they could come the holiday weekend. harvey: this is a tropical depression emerging into the gulf of mexico. but i want to show you the latest thinking. it may intensify as a gets into the warm waters of the gulf and
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and hurricane watches that have been issued along parts of the upper west coast. after that as we get to the weekend the storm will move off the carolina coast -- the question is later in the holiday weekend how close could come to us? will we get some gusty wind or will there be rain? that is solely have to continue to evaluate as well as how intense the system may or may not be. was the things to consider. toward the midwest and a few thunderstorms, so some wet weather is a possibility and we will time it out over the next couple minutes. ed: maine's embattled governor apologizing tonight after he blamed drug dealers in lawrence and lowell for contributing to the opioid crisis in his state. newscenter 5's doug meehan tells us the apology comes as the mayor of lawrence says he would like to sit down with governor paul lepage. >> i don't think it is ok, i do
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finger here because i love my city. doug: take a stroll along this hard-working city and you will find that people here take great offense to the governor's recent statement. during the regional conference, the embattled paul lepage blamed the worsening opioid crisis on drug dealers from lowell and lawrence. >> things like this happen all over the united states. >> international he like to have a face-to-face conversation with the governor, who sits in an office of hundred 30 miles away from his town. >> i think it is unfair to people dealing with this crisis. doug: meanwhile governor charlie baker is saying the opioid crisis doesn't discriminate and doesn't have boundaries. >> this is one area where the
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something about trafficking. doug: the mayor of lawrence does not shy away from the fact that there are people in the city you have a drug problem, and the city will continue to work with them to get them the help they need. doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: that apology came during a radio interview today. lepage saying his tirade last week was unacceptable and totally his fault. and then he talked about the remainder of his term and whether or not he'll serve it out. >> i think there is a lot more that can be done, said, and moved. i just need to see whether or not i am the man to do it. if i have lost my ability to convince the main people, that is the type of people, maybe it is time to move on. ed: but a tweet from the governor following the interview seems to rule out resignation. the governor writing regarding rumors of resignation, to
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are greatly exaggerated. jc: boston is making a huge push to increase diversity at its prestigious exam schools. city leaders actually started this last spring recruiting specifically from schools that often didn't send any students to the programs. part of the push is the exam school initiative which provides free tutoring for students but is largely unknown to many families. the new effort started after racial tension at boston latin sparked several investigations. the possible closure of some public schools. the herald reports the contractor overseeing the city's 10-year education and facilities plan has delayed a $1.6 million study on enrollment. that has parents concerned the city still wants to close some buildings. a bps spokesperson says the contractor is awaiting updated 2015 information to begin the study. ed: general electric is throwing
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program. g.e. will donate $7.5 million to the school's research effort which is focused on finding new ways to cut carbon emissions and replace fossil fuels. the donation comes as the electric company plans its headquarters shift to boston. jc: for the first time the 911 calls from pulse nightclub mass shooting were released today. ed: still to come, those chilling emergency calls made from neighbors and family members missing loved ones. jc: plus, honoring the victims killed in that devastating earthquake in italy. ryan lochte is trying to look past rio.
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around. narrator: "charter schools amount to hope" for kids all across massachusetts. question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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ed: heartbreaking scenes from central italy, still reeling from last week's big earthquake. a mass funeral was held for dozens of earthquake victims. italy's prime minister and president attended the ceremony. among the 292 people killed were several children whose coffins were decorated with white balloons today. crews are still looking for human remains beneath the wreckage of buildings destroyed by the earthquake. jc: for the first time we are hearing the 911 calls made on the night of the deadliest shooting in the u.s. 49 people were killed, dozens mour orlando's pulse nightclub. elizabeth hur has more on those chilling emergency calls made that night. >> hello? hello? >> what's going on? elizabeth: from the screams of the background -- >> shots just to the door. >> a shot at your door? elizabeth: -- to the confusion
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elizabeth: -- the 911 calls just released from the orlando massacre --> >> where is he right now? elizabeth: -- provide a snapshot of the sheer horror that survivors injures endured. >> how many shots to do here? >> more than 10. elizabeth: according to the fbi, there is surveillance video from inside the nightclub showing multiple angles of the killer, omar mateen, walking through the room, blowing people down. then calling 911 himself to pledges allegiance to isis. in the end, he killed 49 people, injured 53. many of the calls we heard today were from concerned loved ones calling about a brother or girlfriend who are texting them
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for help. elizabeth hur, abc news. jc: the fight against the zika virus right now in the u.s. ed: the call for action from the federal government tonight and the drugs showing promise in treating the virus. jc: hundreds of cows stolen in new zealand. we're talking 500. the bovine mystery under investigation tonight. harvey: and a lot to focus on in the tropics, but for us down the road, we are getting some tropical depression.
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narrator: funded by kelly ayotte's special interests backers, the ads attacking maggie hassan on the heroin crisis have been called "despicable," "a vile smear," and "trash." the truth... david dubois: maggie hassan has been hands-on working with local police and community organizations. narrator: working across the aisle to secure millions in emergency funding for treatment and recovery. susan mckeown: maggie hassan. mark mitchell: to governor hassan, i know this is about people and families. mckeown: she's putting the families of new hampshire first.
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ed: your health tonight, having a heart attack can be devastating and for those who are younger, it can be a life-changing episode. newscenter 5's heather unruh tells us about a new study suggesting how important those changes young people make after a heart attack actually are. heather: obesity, diabetes, a to increase the risk of heart attack. sometimes these heart attacks can even strike young people. so what happens when you have a heart attack for 50? in a just republished report they looked at records of 21,000 patients who had a heart attack before 50 -- in the past 30 years the risk of dying after a heart attack is dropped from 13%
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crediting better treatment and less smoking. the not so good news is that these young survivors still face nearly double the risk of early death and those their age have not had a heart attack before. it is never too late to make changes even after a heart , attack. for smokers, cutting back on cigarettes helps. and for those with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, switching some foods in your diet to healthier options can go a long way. jc: the fda wants the entire u.s. blood supply to be screened for the zika virus. the screening is already florida and puerto rico. the agency says screening needs to be expanded for large organizations, like the red cross to smaller ones like university labs. so far, the u.s. has seen more than 2500 cases of zika. a new step forward in the fight against the zika virus. scientist say there are several existing drugs that could
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virus. experiments done in the lab so far show dramatic results, even reversing some of the damage done by zika. the drugs are already in use to treat cancer hepatitis-c and parasitic infections. it's still not clear if the drugs could protect babies before they are born. the next step in the process is animal tests. ed: in new zealand, the big mystery is, who stole 500 cows? it's the talk of the farming community 500 cows, gone without a trace. they were part of a larger lot of cows that spent the new zealand winter grazing at several farms. they were supposed to be returned to give birth to calves but didn't show up, this is no petty theft; each cow is worth -- didn't show up. >> it just didn't stack up, the numbers didn't stack up. ed: this is no petty theft; each cow is worth about 1$600, meaning there's about $800,000 worth of beef somewhere out there in the wilds of new
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harvey: we will have to send somebody on a mission to find out. very mysterious. this is active out in the tropics, three storms. this is a well-defined hurricane moving to the east -- this is the one that is nearest, off the carolina coast, it will never make a super close path to us ts the one that is nearest, off the carolina but this one is different, a tropical depression, because it looks like it could develop a little bit more and has a lot more space to do it and perhaps, little bit closer and stronger when it does so later on labor day weekend. this is the most significant one and it is showing subtle signs
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off the carolina coast but notice how some kernel a little bit closer to us -- that has the little bit concerned. if we look at this specific track, the area that's affected is an area, not a point. nonetheless this is the track determined so far. into this position it will occur a little bit further north and then we could even get some wind and rain -- it's possible but far from definite. we will still have the service and that will be an issue as we go deeper into the holiday weekend. as for the one off the carolina coast now that prompted the tropical storm warning through
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and hasn't really developed. so this tropical storm warning may get lower and there are hurricane watches and tropical storm watches but even though this looks like it takes a similar track it is not as well developed but still the rip current issue exists and probably will every day through the holiday but even weekend -- it could become a bigger issue should it come closer deeper into labor day weekend. right now sea breeze is our cooler along the we and it is still fairly comfortable, getting a little bit muggy year. weekend -- it could become a biggerthen it will bece progressively less humid and it will feel like fall friday night, saturday, and write a. here are your low temperatures overnight tonight and tomorrow,
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chances of a thunderstorm increasing. things are still pretty much at their peak and if you look around keep an eye on the sky for possible thunderstorms. risk is moderate from that little system of the carolina coast. this is how we increase that shower or thunderstorm threat but late tomorrow and tomorrow evening, there could be some popping up and thursday the front will be sluggish to pass through so there will probably be a lot of showers and there you go, a spot shower with a mixture of sun and clouds. a beautiful day on saturday, although even that day could have some rough stuff along the
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as they make a closer pass. ed: ryan lochte giving his first live interview since the olympics on good morning america. elizabeth hur reports, the embattled swimmer confirmed he is heading to dancing with the stars. and is hoping to put that scandal in rio behind him. elizabeth: he turned international sensation because of his swimming but because of a public lie. >> he pulled out of the gun, put it to my forehead. elizabeth: once he set the record straight, he says most of it was caught on the surveillance video and it's not all true. >> it wasn't true that i had a gun pointed to my four head,
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me vandalizing the bathroom, that is true. elizabeth: they initially were claimed to have been robbed at gunpoint -- >> these past two weeks have been the lowest point of my life. elizabeth: he has since been dropped by for sponsors. he agreed to be part of dancing with t s wrestling with the decision to move on with his life. i want to put that behind me. i just want to move forward. elizabeth: brazilian authorities have charged him with filing a false police report and lawyers say they will cooperate. jc: the full list of stars vying
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season was released today. joining ryan lochte in the ballroom fellow olympian gold-medal winning gymnast laurie hernandez. former texas governor rick perry and former taxi star actress marilu henner. you'll find the full cast list on our wcvb app and and you can watch dancing with the stars right here on channel 5 starting monday, september 12. ed: a local firefighter chief sharing his story when he went into cardiac arrest. heather: and two police officers injured in a violent struggle trying to arrest a suspect. , and it was all caught on camera. also new at 6:00, true blue support. some of wives state troopers, trying to cover massachusetts in ribbons. why today's stop was
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jc: the potential impact of a closing on citizens, coming your kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. i'm kelly ayotte.: and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs,
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proved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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thanks prayed together, extremely proud of him. ed: the fire chief is recovering
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the hospital and he is alive tonight. reid: as the fire chief and members of the department come together for training, the unthinkable happened just two days before his retirement. the critical care unit at beverly hospital isn't exactly where frank twiss wants to start his retirement, but at least the middleton fire chief will have a the 54-year-old suffered cardiac arrest yesterday at the fire station. nine members of his department saved his life. >> we looked over and we noticed that the chief looked like he was seizing. >> the key thing for us is us being here to witness it starting cpr right away and delivering the shock his heart needed and i think that made all the difference was timing. reid: each firefighter a paramedic, one is an e.r. doctor, no better place than here to have a life threatening condition. >> first thing i remember was waking up as i was getting into
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reid: earlier yesterday, the department ran a mile and half, did sit ups and push ups as part of training. this is a picture just 30 minutes before chief twiss suffered his attack. >> it was chaotic going zero to 100 like that, and its one of your guys and you're in your own home. reid: after receiving a stent, chief twiss is resting comfortably, knowing what could have been had he not been here, and thinking not of himself today, but of his department. >> they're like my brothers and sisters, my children it feels like and when they get subjected to an event like this i just hope they're ok. reid: the chief is chief until tomorrow when he hangs up after 37 years of serving this community. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: two days before he retired? jc: i can only get better from
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active. what the eventual tropical impacts could be like. jc: an encounter with police. how officers were finally able to take him down. frightening late-night break-ins on the south shore. ed: what victims say the suspect was doing inside these homes. jc: and inside the huge corn maze dedicated to the red sox. >> five at 6:00. ed: we begin with breaking news in wakefield. a man stabbed with a golf club shaft. jc: this comes after reports of a fight by a vocational school. sky 5 was over the scene where that medical helicopter was standing by to fly him to a hospital. so far there have been no arrests, but we have crews on the scene and will stay on top
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ed: a teenager on a bike seriously injured after being struck by a car. juli mcdonald is there. juli: it is still a pretty active scene here in after a 17-year-old bicyclist was hit i a car this afternoon. we are told the teenager was on his way to a friends house when he was hit and neighbors came running out of their homes whe sidewalk. the elderly driver stayed at the scene and you can see there is significant damage to the front of her car, a big dent across the hood. emergency responders did treat the boy at the scene before he was rushed to the hospital. >> there was some level of
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in the lower part. he's going to a good place. i think he'll hopefully be fine. juli: the elderly driver didn't stay at the scene but declined to be traded. police will be interviewing her as they continue to reconstruct the crashes. i spoke with police a few minutes ago -- they say it is too early to tell whether there were any factors that contributed to the crash. juli mcdonald, wcvne ed: stormteam 5 tracking three tropical systems in the atlantic right now. jc: one of them could impact us in time for labor day weekend. chief meteorologist harvey leonard is here with what the latest models show. harvey: you are right about the three systems, and this is the one that could have some impact on our weather. it is probably going to be a


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